Interspecies Multiplayer-Game for Pigs and Humans

 Vimeo Direktoink, via Publique

Schönes Projekt von Studenten der Utrecht School of the Arts, die ein Multiplayer-Interspecies-Game konzipiert haben, in dem Menschen und Schweine zusammen spielen und die wollen das tatsächlich in die Tat umsetzen. Ich bin gespannt.

The Playing with Pigs project is researching the complex relationship we have with domesticated pigs by designing a game. Designing new forms of human-pig interaction can create the opportunity for consumers and pigs to forge new relations as well as to experience the cognitive capabilities of each other. The game is called Pig Chase. […]

So what we have is a game that enables humans to play with an animal they normally only consume as meat. For pigs, humans are transformed into a source of entertainment.

Playing with Pigs – researching the complex relationship between pigs and humans through game design