The History of Prison Wanking

11.01.2012 Misc #Crime #Sex

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Salon hat einen schönen Artikel über Onanie-Restriktionen in amerikanischen Gefängnissen, wo Wichsen oft nicht erlaubt ist (aber geduldet wird, solange man sich diskret einen runterholt). Der ganze Text ist voller Gold und wegen der Headline habe ich grade zwei Minuten am Stück lachen müssen, hier mal zwei Absätze daraus:

American University law professor Brenda Smith, who conducted a 50-state survey of prison masturbation policies in 2006, says restrictions are “well-entrenched” in the correctional environment. In North Carolina, for example, it is a violation to “touch the sexual or other intimate parts of oneself or another person for the purpose of sexual gratification.” Violations can lead to disciplinary segregation or the loss of “good time” credits. Tennessee forbids “[a]ny behavior intended for the sexual gratification of the subject.” Ohio prohibits “[s]eductive or obscene acts, including indecent exposure or masturbation.” Kentucky regards inmate masturbation as “[i]nappropriate sexual behavior.” In California, where some 170,000 men and women live behind bars, masturbation is permissible provided it is stopped immediately if noticed by staff, blue balls be damned. If the masturbator perseveres, even if concealed by bed sheets, he can be cited for “Intentionally Sustained Masturbation without Exposure.” These policies are part of a long correctional tradition to forbid all forms of sexual activity. Prison officials say they need the rules to keep order and deter exhibitionism. […]

In centuries past, prison masturbation was a well-known scourge. An 1845 report from Philadelphia County Prison, for instance, identified onanism as the root cause of numerous fatal cases of mania and tuberculosis. The challenge for wardens was that the idleness of prison life seemed naturally to give rise to the vice. “The genital sense is excited in a much more terrible manner than usual when man remains for a long time in solitude,” wrote one mid-19th-century physician who believed exercise could help stem prison wanking.

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