Pasta Geometry

Die NYTimes hat einen netten Artikel über das Buch „Pasta by Design“ (falls die Paywall zuschlägt: NYTClean) und dazu gibt's eine schöne Galerie mit den mathematischen Formeln zur Nudel.

Architect George L. Legrande has compiled and profiled 92 different kinds of pasta, classifying them into types using the science of phylogeny (the study of relatedness among natural forms). Opening the book is a pasta family tree, revealing unexpected relationships between pasta shapes, their usage and common DNA. Each subsequent spread is devoted to a single pasta, and features a short text that explains the foods geographical origin, its process of manufacture as well as its etymology alongside suggestions for minute-perfect preparation. Next the pasta shape is rendered as both a mathematical equation and a line diagram that displays every distinctive scrunch, ridge and crimp with loving precision.

Galerie: Pasta Geometries, Artikel: Pasta Graduates From Alphabet Soup to Advanced Geometry (via Interweb3000)

Amazon-Partnerlink: Pasta by Design