TEDxBrussels: A Day in the Deep Future

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Im November veranstaltete TEDxBrussels einen Futuristen-Event, in dem alle Vorträge unter dem Motto „A Day in the Deep Future“ standen und die Redner ihre Visionen vom Leben in 50 Jahren (deep?) darzulegen. Metafilter hat alle Vorträge davon zusammengestellt, oben exemplarisch der Vortrag „Beyond Machines: The Year 3000“ von Rudy Rucker, neben William Gibson wohl der bekannteste Vertreter des Cyberpunk.

Rudy Rucker, a science fiction writer, professor of Computer Science tells TEDxBrussels his vision of the future. As in his novel "Software" where computers 'preserve' the human brain, a so-called 'life box' database remains which keeps our memories alive.
These machines however cannot substitute humans as our minds perform more physical and biological processes, where artificial intelligence only relies on inferences.
Biomathematics models such as cellular automaton and Belousov--Zhabotinsky simulation come closer to the biological processes.
He describes his idea of this biological computation emerging in the future with beautiful (mostly self-drawn) paintings.

Hier die komplette Liste und hier die Youtube-Playlist, eher als Reminder für mich gedacht, weil ich mir die alle ansehen will… irgendwann.

* Paddy Ashdown (British politician and diplomat): Why the world will never be the same & what we should do about it
* Eileen Bartholomew (Senior Director Life Sciences at X PRIZE Foundation): The XPrize Foundation of 2061
* John Bohannon (Dancer, biologist and journalist): Dance Your PhD
* Lorenz Bogaert (Online media entrepreneur): The European Dream
* David Brin (Astrophysicist and science fiction author): Target 2061: Reinventing Civilization Across Half a Century
* Kushal Chakrabarti (Founder of Vittana, turning global education into opportunity): Literacy is not enough
* Leila Janah (Founder of Samasource, giving digital opportunity to impoverished people): The microwork revolution
* Peter Cochrane (Futurologist, researcher and engineer): Not HAL9000
* David Cuartielles (Microchip inventor, co-founder of Arduino): Open Source Hardware
* David Ewing Duncan (Journalist, Author, Medical Technologist): When I'm 164
* Sebastien de Halleux (Belgian engineer, Co-Founder of Playfish): Games the Next Billion will play
* Alain De Taeye (Co-founder of Tele Atlas): Five Minutes into the Future
* David Deutsch (Quantum Physicist): The Unknowable & how to prepare for it
* Hasan Elahi (Interdisciplinary media activist, privacy artist): Hiding in Plain Sight
* Peter Fenwick (Neuropsychiatrist): The Art of Dying Well
* Carl Flink and Edward Oroyan (Choreographers and Artists): Black Label Movement - Zero Gravity Dance
* Ken Haase (Engineer-scientist-philosopher): The Singularity is Here
* Kaliya Hamlin (Identity Researcher): Identity, the Contexts of the Future
* Charles Hazlewood (Conductor and advocate for access to orchestral music): Music of the Future
* Andrew Hessel (Biologist and Author): Making Worlds
* Peter Hinssen (Thought leader, the impact of technology on society): The Tiger and the Rock
* Mikko H. Hypponen (Chief research officer at F-Secure Corporation in Finland): Defending the Net
* Julie Meyer (Founder and CEO of Ariadne Capital, Founder - Entrepreneur Country, Managing Partner - Ariadne Capital Entrepreneurs Fund [ACE]): Entrepreneurs 2061
* Marc Millis (NASA deep space expert): Space Flight Predictions: After AI & Transhumanism
* Raul Rojas (Specialist in artificial neural networks) Cars that Think
* Rudy Rucker (Founder of the cyberpunk literary movement): Beyond Machines: The Year 3000
* Henrik Scharfe (Director at the Center for Computer-mediated Epistemology): Geminoid-DK
* John Shirley (American fantasist, author of BioShock Rapture): False Singularities...
* Rob Spence (Eyeborg and enhanced human): Eyeborg, the Enhanced Self
* Luc Steels (Director of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory): The Robot Culture
* Jack Tuszynski (Computational biophysician): From eDx to eRx The digital future of personalized diagnostics and pharmaceuticals
* Jacques Vallee (Computer scientist and ufologist, Mars mapping for NASA): A Theory of Everything (else)...