Evil Marzipan Pig

24.12.2011 Misc #Evil #Food

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Jonas Laberg hat ein Schwein aus Marzipan gebaut, das er eigentlich zwei Kindern schenken wollte. Dann fand er die Sau aber zu böse.

This was meant as a Christmas present for two girls I know who are 5 and 7, but I don't think I'll give it to them actually. It turned out a bit too evil-demon-pig-from-hell-y for that. Now it' s sitting on a shelf threatening me with its existence. I'm not quite sure what I should do with it.

For those that are into numbers: that's 10kg of marzipan, about 47 000 kcal. And it's got six nipples.

Evil marzipan pig is evil (via Boing Boing)