Bizarre North Korea Mourning-Video (and Kim Jong-Ils Sushi Chef)

 Youtube Direktcrybaby, via Tokyo Mango

Sehr bizarrer Clip (hier ein weiterer) voller trauernder Nord-Koreaner. Ich weiß natürlich nicht, wieviel davon gestellt ist – ich schätze mal eine ganze Menge. Andererseits: wenn man ein ganzes Volk nur lange genug ins Gehirn fickt, dann kommt wahrscheinlich wirklich sowas dabei heraus. Ich weiß es nicht, aber wahrscheinlich werden wir solcherlei Videos in den kommenden Tagen noch öfter sehen.

Die beste Einschätzung der Lage kommt übrigens natürlich nicht von den klassischen Medien, sondern von einem Redditor, der laut eigenen Angaben „in the international security field“ arbeitet, tl;dr: „I would not worry too much. If anything, the situation in North Korea is no more unpredictable than it was before Kim Jong-Il's death.“

Reuters: Information black hole as North Korean leader dies,

The Atlantic: I Was Kim Jong Il's Cook – True stories from the Dear Leader's onetime chef: „As I was riding a Jet Ski on a lake near the Chinese border, Kim Jong Il came up next to me and said, "Fujimoto, let's race. But I want you to take it seriously."“

The Atlantics In Focus: Kim Jong Il, 1942-2011

NY Times: Kim Jong-Ils Sushi-Koch über Kim Jong-Un:

“When Prince Jong-un shook hands with me, he fixed me with a vicious look,” Kim Jong-il’s former Japanese sushi chef wrote in a 2003 memoir describing his first encounter with the boy, then 7, dressed in a military uniform and known as a “prince” among his father’s aides. “I still cannot forget the look in his eyes. It seemed to say, ‘This is a despicable Japanese.’ "

The chef, who goes by the pen name Kenji Fujimoto, said in an interview that as a teenager, Kim Jong-un was already his father’s favorite and “looked just like him.”

The lone photo and Mr. Fujimoto’s memories form part of the few precious strands of information analysts and intelligence officials in South Korea and Washington rely on as they struggle to put together a dossier on Kim Jong-un. They describe Kim Jong-un as a young man of medium height, overweight and prone to high blood pressure and suffering from diabetes, and with character traits similar to his father’s.