Neil deGrasse Tyson AMA on Reddit (again)

Neil deGrasse Tyson beantwortet seit einer Stunde zum zweiten Mal Fragen auf Reddit. Ich hab' grade bisschen zu tun, werde dann aber die spannendsten Antworten hier als Update posten – die erste geht aber schonmal gut los:

Q: If a space traveling entity approached you with an opportunity to visit any celestial object from any distance and allow you bring one scientific instrument of your choosing, where would you go and what would you bring? The size of the instrument does not matter, but keep in mind the farther away your object of choice is, the more it may have changed (i.e. if you hoped to visit the recently discovered supernova SN 2011fe, you would arrive 21 million years after the event).

A: I'd bring my iPhone, as the most compact representation of modern culture there is. And I'd visit a civilization on a galaxy 65 million light years away. Assuming I can get there instantaneously, I would look back to Earth with their presumably super telescopes and witness the extinction of the dinosaurs - the light of which is just now reach them.

[update] My brain hurts:

Q: Hey Neil, can you somehow try to to make it a little easier to grasp the concept of infinity. best wishes from Germany!

A: No. The human mind, forged on the plains of Africa in search of food, sex, and shelter, is helpless in the face of infinity.
Therein is the barrier to learning calculus for most people -- where infinities pop up often. The best you can do is simply grow accustomed to the concept. Which is not the same as understanding it.
And when you are ready, consider that some infinities are larger than others. For example, there are more fractions than there are counting numbers, yet they are both infinite. Just a thought to delay your sleep this evening.

I am Neil deGrasse Tyson -- AMA (via Nils @Twitter)

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