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Truther Toys bastelt Fake-Toys in Photoshop und der Knaller ist das Spielset zum Bohemian Grove, einem Club der männlichen Elite, dessen Mitglieder nachts Musicals aufführen und in die Büsche pissen und den Verschwörungsspinnern zufolge auch satanische Rituale durchführen sollen. Den Club gibt's wirklich, im Fake-Spielset gibt Actionfiguren von Bush, Clinton, Schwarzenegger und Obama, in der Liste der tatsächlichen Mitglieder stehen nur die Bushs, Papa und sein Sohn.

Von Badass Digest:

Bohemian Grove is one of the cornerstones of the New World Order type conspiracy theories; an annual retreat in Northern California, Bohemian Grove is where some of the most powerful men (and it's pretty much all men) go to... well, nobody's quite sure. There are some strange reports - cross-dressing antics and effigies being burned in ceremonies involving Satanic, hooded figures - but it's that secrecy which makes it all so compelling for the paranoid conspiracy mongers.

The truth is probably less interesting than the fantasy; in his book Them, British journalist Jon Ronson talks about how he infiltrated Bohemian Grove by... simply dressing like a yuppie and walking through the front gate. Once inside he watched some of the most powerful figures in government and finance drink too much, willfully piss in the road when bathrooms were available nearby, and take part in a schlocky frat-like ceremony called the Burning of Care. He walked away from the retreat convinced that this was the place not where secret global agendas were made* but rather where powerful men blew off steam by acting like 17 year old idiots. Including doing cross-dressing revues.

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