Portal 2 PotatOS Science-Kit

Think Geek verkauft Science-Kits inklusive Poster und einer GlaDOS, die blinkt und spricht, wenn man einen Kartoffel-Stromkreislauf herstellt.

If you missed the children's Science Fair at Aperture Labs, no worries! We've packaged nearly everything you need in this handy PotatOS Science Kit. The kit even includes a miniature science fair poster with brand new content from Valve's writing team! Why "nearly everything," you ask? You'll have to provide your own potato, but we're sure you have one nearby. Follow the directions and in minutes you'll turn a mild-mannered Russet potato into your very own PotatOS that lights up and will insult you, just like old times.

Portal 2 PotatOS Science Kit (via Technabob)