Fear of the Flesh-Eating Killer-Banana

In Mozambique geht die Angst vor mit Bakterien verseuchten Bananen um, die Nekrotisierende Fasziitis auslösen, einer Krankheit, die die Haut absterben lässt. Die Bananenverkäufe sind im Keller, Grund ist ein eMail-Hoax.

MAPUTO — Rumours of flesh-eating bananas in Mozambique have sparked a plummet in the sale of the fruit, prompting the health minister Friday to reassure people of its safety.

"From the work conducted by the Ministries of Agriculture, Health and Trade and Industry, it was concluded that there is no record of entry of any infected banana in the country," according to a joint statement.

An email and text message hoax warning people against eating bananas for the next three weeks went viral as people feared being infected by necrotising fasciitis, or skin-eating disease.

The bacteria can destroy skin, fat and tissue covering the muscles.

The messages also advised people to see a doctor if they developed a fever after eating the killer fruit.

Flesh-eating banana fears hit Mozambique (via Arbroath)