Making Of the original Star Trek Intro-Text

Das Blog Star Trek Prop hat letztes Jahr die Entstehung des Textes aus dem Intro der Orinigal Star Trek-Serie gepostet: The History of Star Trek: The Original Series - Creating the famous Opening Narration (Runterscrollen, via Letters of Note, die das Ding in Auszügen haben, ohne zu Scrollen.)

On August 1st of 1966, just weeks before NBC's season premiere of the original Star Trek series, two of the programme's producers — Bob Justman and John Black — contacted Gene Roddenberry and asked him to quickly write the show's now-famous opening monologue, to be recorded by William Shatner. For the next week or so the three men exchanged drafts by memo, a couple of which can be seen below; Roddenberry came up with the final draft on August 10th, an hour before it was recorded.

Space: The Final Frontier