Dead Kennedys – In God We Trust, Inc.: The Lost Tapes

 Youtube Direktcalifornia, via Dangerous Minds

Jemand hat die komplette DVD zu den Aufnahmesessions von DKs 1981er EP „In God We Trust, Inc.“ bei Youtube hochgeladen. Unbedingt Track 7 anhören: „We've Got a Bigger Problem Now“ ist eigentlich „California über alles“ mit Jazz-Lounge-Intro. Oben California, die komplette Playlist nach dem Klick.

This DVD features footage from the lost recording session of In God We Trust Inc. and includes between song banter, outtakes and rescued multi-track recordings. Also features live performances of songs from the 12 inch EP spanning 1979-1986. Songs include: Hyperactive Child, Nazi Punks Fuck Off, Kepone Factory, Dogbite, Religious Vomit, We've Got a Bigger Problem Now, Rawhide and Moral Majority.

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