Batmans Medical Records

The League of Ordinary Gentlemen hat Batmans Krankengeschichte so aufgeschrieben, wie es wohl auch ein Arzt machen würde und das fantastische Blog Law and the Multiverse („Superheroes, supervillains, and the law“) beschäftigt sich mit deren juristischen Implikationen. Ich liebe solchen Scheiß!

Patient: Wayne, Bruce
DOB: 2/16/1971
Occupation: Industrialist
Insurance: Self-pay
Emergency Contact: Dick Grayson, XXX-269-9637

Interval History: Patient was seen for his last annual physical approximately one year ago. Since that time he has had numerous visits for acute illnesses or injuries, generally accompanied either by his companion Mr. Grayson or Alfred, a senior member of his household staff. These recent maladies appear to be in keeping with the pattern that has emerged over the past several years, in which significant medical problems are associated with odd or incongruous explanations. Most recently, patient was seen for numerous areas of lower extremity cutaneous blistering, erythema and thickening, consistent with moderate to severe frostbite. Patient had reportedly gotten lost while camping in the mountains, but could not account for how he had sustained these injuries in mid-August.

Patient BW, DOB 2/16/1971, Legal issues about which some comment is merited (via JWZ, Bild: Gilles Vranckx)