Minidoku: Obey Giant in Copenhagen

 Vimeo Direktobey, via Winkelsen

Nette Minidoku über Shepard „Obey Giant“ Faireys Trip nach Kopenhagen, oben der erste Teil, die anderen Videos nach dem Klick. Schön auch, dass er die Kontroverse um das Jugendhaus 69 zeigt, in deren Folge er nach der Vernissage seiner Ausstellung angegriffen wurde, dazu hatte er vor ein paar Wochen bereits ein Posting gebracht:

The opening was incredibly positive, and the after-party was a blast. A punk band played, Romeo Trinidad from Obey Clothing and I DJ’ed, and Trentmoller played an awesome set. On the way out, a kid, maybe 19 or 20 started yelling at me “Obama illuminati, fuck you, go back to America”. It was more obnoxious than intimidating, so I stopped to talk to him. I unthreateningly asked him why he was saying that stuff to me, and what his problem with me was. He just said “YOU HAVE THE PROBLEM” and did the chest shove every visitor to a playground has experienced. Then as he raised his fists I was clocked from the side by someone I never saw. The next thing you know I’m being attacked by at least 3 guys and Romeo jumps in to help me. It was crowded, and people tried to pull everyone apart which somehow left Romeo being ganged up on by a couple guys, so I had to jump back in to help him, while I was being punched and kneed by people behind me.

They quickly ran off , and it seemed that things were over except for my wife freaking out across the parking lot. I was wrong, somehow the attackers had snuck back through the crowd and I caught a punch in the eye out of nowhere as I turned to see Romeo pushed against a wall being punched and kneed in the back. I tried to help him again, and after brief retaliation the attackers fled again.

They did not come back this time. After collecting my breath and DJ equipment, the cops showed up, and I reflected on the fact that this was an ambush, not a random act. I did not bother filling out a police report because I did not know any of the people, or get a great look at them, so it seemed pointless. I’m not a huge fan of the cops generally anyway.

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