Real Identity for Sale

10.11.2011 Misc #Art

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We Make Money Not Art hat ein Posting über Heath Buntings Identitäts-Kunstaktion Identity Bureau. Der Mann verkauft (echte) neue Identitäten, von denen man in England laut Gesetz gleich mehrere haben kann. Sehr grandios.

One day Heath Bunting realized that in the UK it is legal to have several identities, if they are not for criminal purposes.

He set up an 'Identity Bureau' to allow ordinary people to buy new, official and legal UK identities at reasonable cost (500 euros.) It might start with something as banal as a supermarket loyalty card and from there, a new identity builds up that gets more and more coherent. The identity is based both on intangible and tangible materials. Bunting hands the ready-to-use identity inside a suitcase where the buyer can find supermarket loyalty cards, transportation cards, a mobile phone number, letters sent by governmental departments to an address in the UK, etc. The identity also exists in a less tangible way as the new person is inserted inside a web of shopping, library or transportation cards, bills, government correspondence, and other "personal" data. The person also belongs to a network made of other people, organizations, and institutions. The new identity allows you to have a bank account, free health care and a social security number in the country.

Identity Bureau, transferable synthetic British natural person