Mime as official Traffic Clowns

In Südamerika haben sie Phantomimen angeheuert, um den Verkehr zu regeln.

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, the black-and-white dressed mimes crowd street corners to urge pedestrians to follow the rules. Any infraction leads to frantic miming. And in Bogota, Colombia, the mimes signify a mainstay on the streets, joining with the police officers.

Officials hope that using the visible, yet less-threatening, tactic of mimes can help break bad habits in a more congenial way. The mimes in Caracas have reported mostly compliance with their gesturing, although, as expected, the enjoyment of the mimes hasn’t proven universal. It seems some folks don’t take rebuke well, even the silly, silent variety.

Silent Treatment: Mimes Enforce Traffic Laws in Venezuela (via Lowering the Bar)