Anonymous releases Jesus' personal Info (plus: Dokutrailer: We are Legion – The Story of the Hacktivists)

(Youtube Direktlegion)

Den Trailer zur kommenden Doku „We are Legion – The Story of the Hacktivists“ habe ich aus Wireds Artikel über die Aktionen von Anonymous am 5. November gefischt, dazu ein Infobit von Gawker: „Slated for a 2012 release, the movie's being produced by the Los Angeles outfit Luminant Media and is directed by documentarian Brian Knappenberger.“ Mehr weiß ich auch nicht und interessant ist auch, dass die Facebook-Attacke gestern offenbar ausblieb. Von Heise: „Gegenüber dem amerikanischen Online-Dienst CNET erklärten Sprecher der Hacker-Gruppe, die Drohung sei das Werk eines Einzelgängers gewesen und nicht von anderen Mitgliedern unterstützt worden.“ Naja.

Aber immerhin! Sie haben gestern einiges an persönlichen Infos von Jesus online gestellt: FOR THE LULZ: d0x on Jesus!

Sister: Latoya Jackson
Sister: Oprah Winfrey
Brother: Fred Phelps
Mom: Mary
Dad: N/A
Aunt: Whoopi Goldberg

Disclaimer: There is a chance that Jesus is an alien and/or zombie.

2342 Pearly Gate RD,
Suffolk IP33 1LS, United Kingdom

Phone numbers:
Cell: +44 (001) 666-6666
Business: >+44 (001) 777-7777
Text Hotline: 1043

Car: Honda Fit and Billy the Camel.
Favorite Hacking Tool: His Finger (1337).
Favorite Musicians: 2Pac, Barry Manilow, No Doubt, Rebecca Black, Elton John, Skrillex, Rick Roll, Have heart, Donnie & Marie Osmond, Cher, MC Hammer, Neil Diamond, Led Zeppelin, Meatloaf, Shakira, Billy Joel, Type O Negative, and Zyzz.
Favorite Board Games: Game of Life, Monopoly, Battle Ship, and Candyland.
Favorite Disney Movie: Lion King
Favorite Movies: Scarface ,zyzz

Favorite IRC channels: #AntiSec, #TheCabin, #Kill, #Psyops
Favorite Social Network:
Awards: Rosetta Stone Champion World Wide, 1st Place Wine Challenge, 1st Place Italian Bread Bake Off, and 2nd Place Biggest Dinner Cook Off.
Least Favorite Website:
Most Favorite Website:
Website Most Frequented:
Websites Most Visited on Tor: Silkroad, and
Favorite YouTube Video: Dancing Jesus
Twitter: @JebusChristmas
Favorite Internet Memes: NYAN Cat, Keyboard Cat, LOLcats, 241543903, 3 Wolves, and Y U NO Guy.
Favorite Internet Star: Boxxy

Smokes “Heavenly Bliss Green”
Causes: Bong Hits For Jesus and NORML.

Favorite way to have you pray to him: