Vincent J. Stoker Abandoned-Photography

Vincent J. Stoker aus Frankfreich fotografiert verfallende Ruinen. Ich hätte mir oft die Stories zu den einzelnen Gebäuden gewünscht, aber man kann halt nicht alles haben.

When I see a ruin, I have no doubt it is a ruin. However, when I try to define what a ruin is, I end up facing a significant problem. When does a building become a ruin? What degree of defragmentation makes a building fall into the other category? In ‘the tragic fall’ I have found the solution to this quantitative dead-end which was paradoxically a constraint to the defining what a ruin is.

"The tragic fall" claims that the existence of a place always goes through two moments. From the ascending phase of construction, a time of glorious youth that is the pride of architects, inevitably follows a descending phase where Nature characteristically reasserts its rights. This last moment is what I call the "tragic fall". A change, more or less violent, plunges the existence of the place from one phase to the other. I call this separating moment "dramatic pivot".

The Tragic Fall (via Ignant)