Man who stabbed his Lawyer with a Pencil, then stabbed his next Lawyer with a Pencil, stabs another Lawyer with a Pen!

04.11.2011 Misc #Crime #Pens

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Im Mai hatte ich hier die Story eines jungen Mannes, der seinen Anwalt mit einem Bleistift gestochen und dann seinen nächsten Anwalt ebenfalls mit einem Bleistift gestochen hat. Gestern hat er seinen dritten Anwalt gestochen. Mit einem Kuli.

As you may recall, accused killer and total dick Josh Monson managed to get himself a mistrial and a new defense lawyer back in May after he poked his first lawyer in the neck with a pencil. Actually, I think the mistrial came after he poked the new lawyer in the neck with a pencil three days later, but it's not clear. Anyway, he poked his third lawyer with a pen yesterday, leading the judge to rule that he has now bagged his limit and will have to represent himself.

Man Who Stabbed His First Two Lawyers With a Pencil Stabs Another Lawyer With a Pencil

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Man Who Stabbed His Lawyer With A Pencil Stabs Another Lawyer With A Pencil