Economic Musketeer Remix: The Three Financiers

Ich hab's noch nicht gelesen, aber runtergeladen und das könnte wirklich sehr unterhaltsam sein: The Three Financiers von Eric Bryant ist ein Mashup-Roman aus Finanzkrise und Alexandre Dumas Drei Musketieren: „D’Ponzi’s inheritance has been stolen by banksters. And the only way to get it back is by swashbuckling his way to the top of the rat race… The Three Financiers is a mashup novel combining Dumas’ classic yarn with the events of the 2008 financial crisis and election.“

“So! the Financiers allow themselves to be harassed by the lackeys of Congress!” continued M. de Blankfein, jerking out his words and plunging them, one by one, like stilettos, into the bosoms of his listeners. “So, six government bureaucrats put to flight six of my Financiers! Sangdieu! I have taken my resolve. I will go hence to the board of directors, and to the Federal Reserve, where I shall tender my resignation as captain of the Financiers, and demand a civil service grade in the Department of Health and Human Services. And if I fail in this, mortdieu, I will start a soup kitchen!”

The Three Financiers (via Popmoderne)