Bela Lugosis Originals Dracula-Cape for Sale

Im Dezember versteigert die Lugosi-Familie einige Memorabilia aus dem Nachlass des (fast) ersten Dracula-Darstellers der Filmgeschichte (vorher gab es noch Nosferatu, ein Ripoff, der aus Copyright-Bullshit nicht Dracula heissen durfte und es gibt noch eine unbekannte, russische Verfilmung aus den 20ern). Unter anderem das Original Dracula-Cape von Lugosi himself. Der Legende nach wurde er darin begraben, aber der Umhang, in dem er zu Staub zerfiel, ist sein Ersatz-Cape, das er für öffentliche Auftritte besaß. Das Ding soll bis zu 2 Millionen Dollar bringen.

Bela gave the cape to his ex-wife, Lillian Lugosi, in 1956. They had divorced three years earlier and he had actually married someone else the year before, but he wanted Lillian to have the original cape from the film that made him a star so she could give it to their son, Bela G. Lugosi (aka Bela Lugosi, Jr.). Bela Lugosi died in August of 1956 and was buried in his Dracula costume. Rumor had it that he had requested that personally, but in fact it was Lillian who made the decision because she believed it was what he would have wanted. Since Bela wanted his son to have the original cape, the family buried him in a light-weight cape he used for personal appearances.

Lillian kept the cape her whole life, bequeathing it to Bela, Jr. after her death in 1981. Several other important pieces of Dracula memorabilia that went from Bela to Lillian to Bela, Jr. will be sold at the auction, including Bela’s Dracula jumbo lobby card, title cards from The Return of the Vampire and Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein and a number of pictures from the Lugosi family album.

Also for sale at the three-day auction will be a nude portrait of Marilyn Monroe, her wedding ring to Joe DiMaggio, and the DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future III. The most expensive lot will probably be the last remaining pair of Dorothy’s ruby slippers worn in The Wizard of Oz still on the market.

Bela Lugosi’s original Dracula cape for sale, das Bild oben stammt aus dem gestrigen Monster-Filmplakatposting von Golden Age Comicbookstories.