Boston Dynamics Petman-Robot needs a Skull

31.10.2011 Misc Tech #Robots

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(Youtube Direktrobot, via io9)

Hier der neueste Roboter von Boston Dynamics (BigDog, AlphaDog), diesmal ein Zweibeiner, den sie gebaut haben, um Klamotten für die Armee zu testen. Wer's glaubt. Jedenfalls, wie YT-Kommentator Thunderpants121 bereits anmerkt: „Dear Boston Dynamics, please put a terrifying skull head on the top. Thank you, My Nightmares.“

PETMAN, a two-legged, 180-pound machine nearly six feet tall. Boston Dynamics, which has created a slew of robots for the military over the years, is expected today to publicly unveil the first video of the nearly fully developed PETMAN, power-walking on a treadmill in the company’s labs.

PETMAN, an acronym for Protection Ensemble Test Mannequin, does not look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who played the Terminator killing machine in the first of a series of movies. For one thing, PETMAN still lacks a head, and it can’t say “Hasta la vista, baby.’’

Soldier stand-ins - Terminator-like robot will help Army test anti-chemical clothing

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