Danger 5, new Webseries by Italian Spiderman-Makers

(Youtube Direktdanger, via Dangerous Minds)

Hell Yeah! Neues von den Machern von Italien Spiderman, Dario Russo und David Ashby! Danger 5 wird eine neue, sechsteilige Serie für's australische Fernsehen, Russo beschreibt sie als „an eclectic visual blend of 1960s Italian inspired cinematography merged with Japanese, Godzilla-esque miniature and pyrotechnic effects, all stitched together with the dry, bold sensibilities of the Sean Connery era Bond films“ und ich gehe schwer davon aus, dass die Episoden auch online landen werden. Leider haben die kein Blog, dafür habe ich mir aber grade den YT-Feed in den Reader geworfen, ich sag' Bescheid, sobald sich 'was tut. Bis dahin kann man sich ja schonmal das schicke Retromagazin zur Serie anschauen.

Set in a bizarre, 1960′s inspired version of World War II, action comedy series Danger 5 follows the journey of five secret agents charged with the task of eliminating of Hitler.

Danger 5 is the finest group of special operatives the allies have to offer: Jackson from the USA, Tucker from Australia, Ilsa from Russia, Claire from Britain and Pierre from Europe.

Each episode of Danger 5 unravels another of Hitler’s diabolic schemes and travels across a myriad of exotic locations spanning the globe. The action and offbeat humour never relents as Danger 5 mounts a series of thrilling missions which include discovering Josef Mengele’s perverted Antarctic death circus, busting down Erwin Rommel’s golden murder casino and posing as exotic dancers in an attempt to take out Hitler at his own birthday party.