Siri pours a Beer and then some…

(Vimeo Direkt, via DrLiMa)

Die Leute von Redpepper aktivieren mit Siri einen ferngesteuerten Buggy auf den eine Bierdose geklemmt ist. Nett gemeint, schöne Idee, funktioniert aber eher so halb-okay: „We first created the Twitter account @beeribot with my phone number attached. On a 4S we then created a contact called “Tweet Beeri” with (40404) as the mobile number. This is the same process anyone can use to Tweet by text message. Now, if I say to Siri, “Text Tweet Beeri – could you pour me a beer?” a text is sent to 40404 and immediately tweeted out via @beeribot. The second part is Beeri herself – an RC truck with modified electronics.“

1.) Ein richtiges Bier schenkt man so ein, zumindest laut diesem neuen, irren Commercial für einen Brauer:

(Youtube Direktbeer, via Notcot)

2.) Man kann sich mit Siri und ein bisschen Soft- und Hardware eine DIY-Steuerung für das komplette Haus basteln: Siri Used for Home Automation: She Can Speak to Appliances Too.

Using the help of a few store-bought gadgets and Siri’s other digital buddies, Christoper Deutsch (aka “CDeutsch”) was able to create a voice-controlled home automation system.

Aside from an iPhone 4S and Siri, the setup consists of an INSTEON thermostat, an INSTEON appliance module, a home automation software called Indigo running on a Mac Mini, Twilio, a voice and text client, and a Node.js app. As you might have guessed, Siri doesn’t actually do any of the heavy lifting here. The process goes like this: Ask Siri to send a text message to the Twilio number – CDeutsch saved it in his Contacts as ‘Gladys’ as a nod to Portal – e.g. “Tell Gladys to turn off the bedroom fan.” Twilio sends the text to the Node.js app – i.e. it is Gladys – which will then analyze the message.

To make it more Siri-like, CDeutsch “wrote some semi-fuzzy logic” so that you can use plain speak to relay your commands. The Node.js app will then send the instruction to the Indigo server, and finally the INSTEON turns off the fan or whatever it is that CDeutsch commanded.