Halloween Timemachine in an Outhouse

(Youtube Direkttime, via Hackaday)

Jemand namens Sam hat sich für seine Halloween-Sause einen Zeitmaschinen-Simulator gebaut, komplett mit Dinosauriergebiss-Animatronics, Panorama-150°-Videoscreen auf dem ein Kurzfilm gezeigt wird. Das Ding befindet sich in einer Outdoor-Toilette. Super! Im Video oben zeigt er, was er alles gebastelt hat, den Kurzfilm auf den 3 Screens darunter, finanziert hat er das über Kickstarter.

(Youtube Direktmachine)

I want to build a simulator ride of a time machine for my home Halloween haunt. The ride will hold two riders inside the unit. They will be strapped into the time machine and the door will be shut. Three LCD screens will act as "windows" out of the time machine. The outside of the time machine will look like a dilapidated outhouse, but upon opening the door of the ride the machine will look the part of a true time machine with metal walls, lots of dials and blinking buttons displaying "data". The time machine "pilot" will be Morris the Hunchback as he stands outside the main compartment and is viewable to the riders on the LCD's. He'll be the one getting into all the hi-jinx with the various creatures and people found in the different time periods the machine travels to.

The journey first takes you to prehistoric times, where a T Rex is on the attack. He charges the time machine, bites the walls, and leaves teeth marks crunched into the top of the time machine. Next we fly forward to ancient Egypt where Morris is chased after by a mummy. After narrowly escaping the mummy, we're transported to a medieval wizards lair, complete with a talking skeleton and a tiny dragon! Our last stop is the Old West, where a gun fight has broken out and Morris must work hard to get the time machine back to it's original starting time! Should be a exciting trip!

Halloween Time Machine