Body Farm Minidoku

(Motherboard Direktbodyfarm)

Motherboard haben eine 2009er Minidoku über die Bodyfarm ausgegraben. Ich bin mir grade nicht sicher, ob ich die damals nicht schon hier hatte, bin jetzt aber auch zu faul, um nachzusehen. Die Bodyfarm ist ein Gelände in Tennessee, auf dem Leichen rumliegen und verfaulen und an denen Forensiker herumwissenschaftlern und den Nachwuchs ausbilden.

Bass founded UTK’s Forensic Anthropology Center in 1971 to, in part, help train students in body identification and outdoor forensic investigative techniques.

As part of the curricula, Bass started The Body Farm, an open-air lab on a hectare-sized plot of woods. A lab where donated bodies are dropped to experience various weather and environmental conditions so researchers can study how quickly those bodies decompose. It’s important research for criminal investigators whose time-of-death calculations are critical. As gross and macabre as it sounds, there really aren’t any other study options that provide reliable, real-world data.

Bass talked with us about his history developing some of the earliest methods of forensic anthropology and asking the dean of UTK for land to let dead bodies rot on (for science, of course). It’s an illuminating chat about the world of forensic science mixed in with numerous anecdotes about old murder cases from Bass himself as he tours us around the bone-scattered Body Farm. We will offer a warning: the footage and archival photos can get grisly. But don’t be scared, it’s only science!