The History of the Yakity-Yak Talking Teeth Wind Up-Toy

26.10.2011 Misc #Toys #Vintage

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Lisa von Collectors Weekly schreibt mir:

Check out the chompers that inspired countless slapstick comedians—and little wind-up motor that also inspired zombie toupees, clapping hands, and a heart-thumping Jockey undershorts promotion.

In the 1940s, toy inventor Eddie Goldfarb saw an ad for a false-teeth holder called a “Tooth Garage” and he started cracking up. In his head, he saw a pair of dentures, chomping and sputtering down the road like a car, and parking on their own. Thus, in 1949, Yakity-Yak Talking Teeth—the wildly popular wind-up gag commonly known as “chattering teeth”—were born.

Yakity-Yak: 60 Years of Teeth That Talk Back