Portraits of Common Chicks with Guns

Wired hat ein schönes Preview auf Lindsay McCrums Fotoband „Chicks with Guns“:

For McCrum, Chicks With Guns is not an attempt to enter the ideological debate about guns. Instead, she says she tried to harness the visceral power of photography to provide a more rounded, honest picture of what women gun owners look like today. Some of the frames in the book are certainly what one would expect — a policewoman with her shotgun, a woman in a cowboy hat in front of a picturesque Western backdrop. Others are more surprising.

In one picture, a woman holds her naked three-year-old son in her left hand and her grandfather’s shotgun in her right. In another, an older woman stands in the middle of her living room surrounded by dolls and teddy bears (above). “I’m not in the judgment business and the photographs are not policy, nor are they advocacy,” McCrum says. “I wasn’t interested in glorify anyone or vilifying anyone.”

Chicks With Guns Photo Book Doesn’t Disappoint

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