Occupy Wallstreet®™

Ich hab' ja nur darauf gewartet: Ein Pärchen hat einen Markenzeichen-Antrag für Occupy Wallstreet gestellt.

Citing the potential of “Occupy Wall Street” to become a “global brand,” a Long Island couple has filed to trademark the name of the amorphous organization responsible for the protests and encampments in lower Manhattan and other U.S. cities, The Smoking Gun has learned.

In a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) application, Robert and Diane Maresca are seeking to trademark the phrase “Occupy Wall St.” so that they can place it on a wide variety of goods, including bumper stickers, shirts, beach bags, footwear, umbrellas, and hobo bags.

L.I. Couple Seeks Trademark For "Occupy Wall St.", hier die Story in der New York Daily News: Ironworker attempts to trademark 'Occupy Wall St.' to cash in on protests