Happy 10th, GTA III!

23.10.2011 Games Misc #GTA

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Gestern vor zehn Jahren erschien GTA III und Rockstar setzte mit dem Game die Messlatte für Spiele eine ganze Ecke nach oben. Gameplay und Spielspaß überzeuge auch heute noch, und zwar nicht aus Nostalgie oder Retroschick-Gründen, sondern weil die Spielmechaniken schlicht brillant sind. Dazu eine super-stilsichere Ästhetik und Grafik und fantastisches Storytelling, fertig ist eines der besten Games überhaupt. Ich habe seit damals alle Teile mehrfach durchgespielt und ich habe bereits mehrere Stunden im Cabrio am Strand von Vice City den Sonnenuntergang betrachtet, während ich stundenlang den 80s-Soundtrack laufen lies. In einem Game.

Entertainmend Weekly hat ein Interview mit Dan Houser („Vice President of Creative at Rockstar Games — has taken central roles in the development of all the games in the GTA series since GTA III, along with his brother, Sam. (Dan is actually credited as a writer or co-writer on every GTA game since II, as well as Red Dead and the prep-school curio Bully.“)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Going into Grand Theft Auto III, how did the knowledge that the gameplay was going to evolve from the top-down perspective into this whole new 3-D environment affect your ambitions for the game’s storyline?

DAN HOUSER: As we were making GTA III, new problems would constantly present themselves. Not problems, but challenges. On the story side, one of our main challenges was that the top-down games had had really no narrative at all. They’d been based around the idea of freedom. You could do what you wanted, when you wanted. We wanted to keep that idea of freedom and expand on that, and also put in what could be seen to be a somewhat contradictory idea, which was narrative.
The real challenge was figuring out a way to structure the game that combined freedom — freedom to do seemingly anything at any time, to do a mission, not do a mission, to do something else, to work multiple storylines at once — but also have some kind of coherent narrative that brought it all together.

'Grand Theft Auto III' turns 10 years old: Rockstar Games' Dan Houser discusses the 'GTA' decade