Gaddafi captured

Laut Reuters und einem Offiziellen des „National Transitional Council“ wurde Gaddafi gefangen genommen: „Deposed Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was captured and wounded near his hometown of Sirte at dawn on Thursday as he tried to flee in a convoy which NATO warplanes attacked, National Transitional Council official Abdel Majid said on Thursday.“

Al Jazeera: Libyan TV reports 'capture' of Gaddafi: „Libyan TV is reporting that Muammar Gaddafi has been captured by NTC fighters in Sirte. Jamal abu-Shaalah, a field commander of NTC, told Al Jazeera that the toppled leader had been seized, but it was not clear whether he was dead or alive.“

Tagesschau: Übergangsrat meldet Gefangennahme – Libyens Ex-Machthaber Gaddafi gefasst

[update] Reuters: „Libya's Gaddafi dies of wounds suffered in capture near Sirte - senior NTC military official“

[update] Hier Al Jazeeras Liveblog, von dort: „Libyan officials and NATO say they cannot confirm reports from revolutionary fighters that Muammar Gaddafi was captured or killed in the fall of his hometown.“

[update] Hier der Liveticker von Reuters zum Thema.

[update] „An NTC Spokesman has told Sky News that Gaddafi is indeed dead, and his body should be arriving in Misratah shortly.“

BBC: „A fighter in Sirte has told the BBC his account of the reported capture. Mohammed, a young fighter in his 20s, wearing a blue T-shirt and a New York Yankees baseball cap, said he had found the colonel hiding in a hole in the ground in the city of Sirte. He told the BBC that the former Libyan leader said to him simply: "Don't shoot".“

[update] Der Guardian hat ein Foto der Festnahme (halb-gory): „It is claimed that this image, from a mobile phone, shows the arrest of Gaddafi.“

„Abdelhakim Bel Haj, the NTC military chief, told Al Jazeera Arabic that news of Muammar Gaddafi's death has been confirmed. Bel Haj is the military commander who led revolutionary forces into Tripoli.“

[update] Böse.

[update] „Al Arabiya says Gaddafi's corpse arrived in Misrata, says will be allowed to film it, citing correspondent“

[update] Titanic: