How to insert the world hottest Chili into your Anus

Must Read Reddit-Thread: „tomorrow I need to put a Q-Tip of the world's hottest pepper in my ass for six seconds. Will it cause any serious heath problems, and how do I survive the ordeal? It's a standard sized Q-Tip soaked in Ghost chili sauce (401.5 times the hotness of Tabasco sauce) for 20 seconds, and will be inserted in my ass for six full seconds. What are the health concerns? What are your tips on how to minimize the pain and damage?“

[update][I] decided to just tell them the internet told me I could seriously hurt myself, and wasn't going to risk permanently fucking myself up for their sick amusement. Instead, I returned the money, bought beers/shots, and get to be called a pussy for the rest of the month. It went over pretty well.“ Ein bisschen langweilig, aber sehr vernünftig.