Justin Quinnells In-Mouth-Photography

Justin Quinnell hat schon vor vier Jahren ein Buch mit seiner In-Mouth-Fotografie rausgebracht, auf seiner Website gibt's ein paar davon zu sehen. Oben mein Liebling: „Brushing my teeth with a dead spider“, ein paar weitere nach dem Klick.

Justin Quinnell has used his mouth as a pinhole camera. The results are surreal, revealing and hilarious. He captures on film his visit to the dentist; portraits of friends and family; snakes, tortoises, alligators and angry cats; the everyday acts of having a bath, cleaning his teeth and eating his dinner. Perhaps even more surreal though are his landscape photographs icons of world travel, they include Sydney Opera House, Hong Kong, St Marks Square in Venice, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, and the Lincoln Memorial in Washingon.

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