Wash Social Art Festival in Hamburg

(Youtube Direktwash)

Steffen schreibt mir:

with a group of artists, activists and friends we are preparing the first Social Art Festival in Hamburg (Germany) called WASH. We are inviting 5 international, 3 european and 3 german artists to work in Hamburg on the topic WASH (Water Sanitation Hygiene). Please check our video and website here: http://www.WASHfestival.com

We could already win some well known German artists and media specialists like Alain Bieber (rebel:art), DAIM, Tasek, RKT one or JUST being members of the Jury and support our Art Festival. Since we are online with our blog many artists from all over the world already applied and showed their interest, like BLU, Van Ray, Bisser, Basco Vazko, Yaikel, BNE and many others.

The WASH Festival will take place from November 10th to 20th in Hamburg, Germany. Artists from around the world can apply now until October 8th to take part in the WASH Camp. The WASH Jury elects 22 finalists. The 11 attendants will be finally selected via online voting from October 10th - 15th to take part at the camp in Hamburg. We can guarantee full anonymity regarding press and media if wanted.

Besides the camp, public events, workshops and several actions will take place to gain public attention and collect donations. Musicians like DJ Mad (Beginner), Tyree Cooper (Chicago/Berlin) and iconAclass (New Jersey) are supporting the Festival with their shows.