Mentalgassis floating Bubble Heads

Schönes Projekt von Mentalgassi, der riesige aufblasbare Ballons mit Gesichtern beklebt und ins Wasser an der spanischen Küste geschmissen hat.

(Vimeo Direkt)

conceived for the fifth annual GETZOPHOTO held on the coast just outside of bilbao, spain, berlin-based collective mentalgassi has created four inflatable spheres that have been wrapped in an enlarged black and white photograph to look like bobbing heads. entitled 'floating bubble heads', the project is a response to the festival's theme, 'in praise of elderly'.

for the project, each of the four inflatable balloons received a new skin that were laid onto the curved surface in sections. the adhesive film used photographs of elderly subjects to create three-dimensional portraits that are at once playful and surreal. the spheres were then placed in shallow waters by the coast and secured with string and cinderblocks.

mentalgassi: floating bubble heads