Useful Video with useless Albumcover for useful Designconference

(Vimeo Direkt, via Testspiel)

Sehr schönes Video zur Design Biennale 2011 in Lissabon, die „Useful“ zum Thema hat: „In a society increasingly obsessed with the achievement of tangible goals and material possessions, the idea of being without occupation or purpose is absurd. Worse: it is politically and socially incorrect.“ Konsequent haben sie dort eine Ausstellung mit Plattencovern, die in Zeiten digitaler Downloads immer „nutzloser“ werden. Oder auch nicht.

Alle Cover aus dem Video gibt's auf diesem Tumblr in einbisschengrößer, der Song ist The Parenthetical Girls' „Doughnut“.

Repositories of stories and its enriching emotions, the covers, that accomodate the existing panoply of musical genres, are the motto for this exibition. The focus is made on album covers that often conquer our memory even when music slightly reached our ears. Major graphic disasters or deified, unduly ignored or zeitgeists, covers provide listening with a touch and an image, with the act of collection and share. From cover to cover, going thru all the stories (and histories), we wrote a new one to the sound of a song that repeats: I need nothing, I’ve everything I need.

‘I need nothing’ is an original concept from Cãoceito + Burdman, shot by Moopie. Its premier happens as a tangential project of EXD’11.

‘Useless’ - the motto of biennial’s current edition - was the kick-off, and the thought on how album covers (vinyls, in this case) enable people to ‘listen with the eyes’ the main goal of the project. At a time where digital audio files dominate but where traditional mediums still seduce fans, the album covers, being useless for some, stay relevant for others.