Musicvideos: Justice, French Films, Ryan Adams

(Youtube Direktdance, via Dangerous Minds)

Oben erstmal RSJs Video zu „Collectively We Are Tall“, eine Parodie auf Eric Prydz' „Call On Me“-Video: „'All the dance moves we do in our version are the same as the original but they’ve been choreographed to fit our music,' said guitarist Vaughn Thomas. 'We liked the idea of the contrast between how serious our music is to how silly the visuals are. It’s different and entertaining, so people want to watch it and share it with friends.'“

Weitere Videos nach dem Klick.

French Films - You Don´t Know

Justice - Newlands

Jack Beauregard - Hollywood

Mates of State - Palomino

Thrushes - Trees

Ryan Adams - Lucky Now

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