Akira Replica Jacket

Nächstes Jahr feiert Akira 30jähriges Jubiläum und das erste Bit dazu ist dieses 1000$-Ding, eine Nachbildung von Kanedas Lederjacke. Sein Bike gibt's leider nicht dazu.

Does it still count as cosplay if you spend nearly $1,000 on an official replica, or is that just looking really damn good? In any event, the object in question is one of the greatest accoutrements in all of science fiction and comics: the iconic red "capsule" jacket worn by Kaneda in AKIRA. The jacket and an alternate black version are the first pieces of merchandise being offered by Bandai Visual as part of "A" Project, a celebration of AKIRA for the 30th anniversary of the legendary manga by Katsuhiro Otomo.

According to Anime News Network, the jacket is made from oil-softened cowhide leather and comes in medium, large, double-large, and triple-large (Japanese sizes, mind you). A black version is also available, although that one replaces the capsule image with a graphic that reads "2019 A.D. 28 Neo Tokyo." Both items are available for pre-order now for ¥69,800 or approximately $900.

$1,000 'AKIRA' Jacket The Last Piece Of Clothing You Will Ever Need, hier kann man das Teil kaufen: 伝説的作品「AKIRA」から貴重な金田のジャンパーが登場!!販売価格:69,800円(税込)