The 1971 Phreaking-Article that inspired Steve Jobs

Slate hat den 1971er Artikel über den damaligen Phreaking-Underground online gestellt, der Steve Jobs und The Woz inspiriert hat: Secrets of the Little Blue Box: „In 1971, Slate columnist Ron Rosenbaum wrote an article for Esquire about a loose confederation of proto-hackers who built devices—little blue boxes—that could crack phone networks. According the New York Times obituary of Apple founder Steve Jobs, after reading Rosenbaum’s article, Jobs and his partner in founding Apple, Steve Wozniak, 'collaborated on building and selling blue boxes, devices that were widely used for making free—and illegal—phone calls. They raised a total of $6,000 from the effort.'“ Dazu auch: Steve Jobs and Me – He said my 1971 article inspired him. (via /.)