Podcasts: The Detroit-Berlin Connection

Ich höre mich grade durch die Radioserie „The Detroit-Berlin Connection“ von WDET Detroit Public Radio. Es geht um Abandoned Kram, Techno und den Tresor, Kreativität, Urbanität, Globalisierung, DJ Rolando, Architektur und vieles anderes. Ganz großartig!

Detroit and Berlin are iconic cities; symbols of cultural and economic domination, as well as of collapse, and (potential) rebirth. Detroit and Berlin have ideological similarities that go far beyond industrial power. As beacons of culture, Detroit and Berlin have both been on the cutting edge of arts activities. Berlin is a crossroads of European film, art, music and food; Detroit is a center of African-American culture, with global credibility in jazz, techno, and emerging cultural expressions.

The Detroit - Berlin Connection looks at the futures of these two great cities and looks at the measures being used to reinvent industrial cities for the 21st century.

The Detroit - Berlin Connection (via MeFi)