Wham! Bam! Islam!: Documentary about The 99 islamic Superheroes

(Youtube Direktwham!, via Bleeding Cool)

Schöner Trailer zur Doku „WHAM! BAM! ISLAM!“ über Naif Al-Mutawa islamisches Superheldencomic „The 99“, die auch mal mit der Justice League rumgemacht hatten, was einen Sturm der Entrüstung bei der amerikanischen Rechten ausgelöst hatte.

A trailer from WHAM! BAM! ISLAM!, Isaac Solotaroff's documentary that will air on PBS's Independent Lens on October 13th (check your local listings). WHAM! BAM! ISLAM! (http://www.facebook.com/WhamBamIslam) tells the story of Naif Al-Mutawa and his venture to create the first team of superheroes from the Muslim world called THE 99. Following the tumultuous journey of THE 99 from concept to reality, from international acclaim to censure by cultural gatekeepers, Al-Mutaw doggedly pursues his vision to bring new heroes to Muslim children while re-introducing Islam to the West.

Letztes Jahr hatte Naif seine Superhelden bereits auf der TED-Konferenz vorgestellt:

(Youtube Direkt99)

In "THE 99," Naif Al-Mutawa's new generation of comic book heroes fight more than crime -- they smash stereotypes and battle extremism. Named after the 99 attributes of Allah, his characters reinforce positive messages of Islam and cross cultures to create a new moral framework for confronting evil, even teaming up with the Justice League of America.