Tributes to Steve Jobs at Apple Stores

Bild: Steve Jobs Memorial - Apple Store Fifth Ave von Joshua H. Hier ein weiteres. Von Reuters: Jobs death prompts grief at Apple stores worldwide

Computer buffs and admirers of technology rushed to Apple shops from New York to Australia on Thursday to mourn Steve Jobs, praising him as a visionary who transformed the daily activities of countless millions.

Flags outside Apple's headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, California, flew at half mast as mourners gathered on a nearby lawn. Distraught Apple fans left flowers and a man played the bagpipes.

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Computers are like bycicles for our minds
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Von Letters of Note: „Back in the early days of Apple, Inc., long before he began sporadically responding to emails from customers, the inimitable Steve Jobs could sometimes be found signing computer chips, attaching them to sheets of Apple stationery, and then replying to fans of his company. One wonders how many of these now hang framed around the world.“

Nach dem Klick MAD Magazines Calvin and Jobs aus ihrer 492. Ausgabe.