More experimental Single-Line C-Code Music

04.10.2011 Misc Music #Coding

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(Youtube Direktcode, via Waxy)

Demoscener Viznut hat noch mehr Single-Line C-Code durch einen Audiokanal geschickt und damit experimentelle elektronische Beats erzeugt. Auf gibt's jetzt auch eine Javascript-Version zum selber herumexperimentieren. Gebt da mal t*5&(t>>7)|t*3&(t*4>>10) ein.

When the first video was released, I was still unsure whether it would be possible for one line of C code to reach the sophistication of the earlier 8-bit experiments. Simultaneities, percussions, where are they? It would also have been great to find nice basslines and progressions as well, as those would be useful for tiny demoscene productions.

At some point of time, some people noticed that by getting rid of the t* part altogether and just applying logical operators on shifted time values one could get percussion patterns as well as some harmonies. Even a formula as simple as t&t>>8, an aural corollary of "munching squares", has interesting harmonic properties. Some small features can be made loud by adding a constant to the output. A simple logical operator is enough for combining two good-sounding formulas together (often with interesting artifacts that add to the richness of the sound). All this provided material for the "second iteration" video.

Algorithmic symphonies from one line of code -- how and why?