New Big Dog-Robot named Alpha

30.09.2011 Misc Tech #Robots

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(Youtube Direktdog)

Ihr erinnert Euch an den Big Dog-Roboter von Boston Dynamics von vor über drei Jahren? Hier der Nachfolger: Alpha Dog.

A couple notes on the video: those weights that AlphaDog is carrying in a few of the clips weigh a total of 400 pounds (180 kilograms), and the robot will be able to carry that load up to 20 miles (30 kilometers) over the course of 24 hours without having to refuel. At the end of the running demo (just after the 45 second mark), the robot collapses into the safety frame like that simply because it ran out of room, not because of any kind of mechanical problem. And notice how two people pushing as hard as they can don't phase AlphaDog in the least, and in the event that it does tip over for some reason, it has no trouble self-righting, which is a useful new feature.

Boston Dynamics' AlphaDog Quadruped Robot Prototype on Video, mehr: Boston Dynamics' Bigger BigDog Robot Is Alive

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