Social Network für Leute mit derselben Darmflora

Ein Social Network, in dem man eine Stuhlprobe einschickt, die dann analysiert wird und Leute zusammenbringt, die die gleiche Darmflora haben. Kein Witz. Die Analyse kostet 2100$ und ich wär' gern Madonnas Dickdarm, weil dann wär' ich immer satt. Von New Scientist:

There's yet another social network on the internet - but this one pairs users up with people who share the same intestinal bacteria.

The new site, MyMicrobes, has been set up by researchers from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany, and aims to bring together individuals with the same gut flora so that they can share questions and concerns about their digestive health. As you might imagine, it looks set to be a rather niche network - and one that requires a little more than the usual email address and password to join.

Social network lets people with same gut flora hook up (via Geekosystem)