Universe Exploration-Sims: Star Command

07.09.2011 Games Misc #Mobile

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(Youtube Direktcommand)

Star Command hört sich an wie eine isometrische Pixelversion von Star Trek für iPhone und Android, inklusive Raumschiffbau und Open End-Universums-Erforschung mit Aliens und neuen Technologien. Könnte ein ganz großer Wurf werden, wenn sie da noch einen Multiplayer-Modus einbauen und vielleicht sowas wie Minecraft in Space daraus machen können. Derzeit suchen die Entwickler Finanzierung per Kickstarter, hier die Website zum Game. Aus einem Interview auf IGN:

So at its soul, Star Command is a management game. When two guys are killed on your plasma cannon, do you pull your engineers repairing the hull and half-staff the weapons? Or do you fix that hull and try and get the hell out of there. If successful, the game will be a series of these quick decisions - and the crew that you work so hard to level up being the casualties. Taking that really high engineer and letting him go inside of a room on fire, probably dying, but preventing the shields from going down. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one.

IGN: Does Star Command have a storyline? Is there a linear adventure to follow? Or is the experience more open-ended and gameplay-driven?

WB: Open-ended gameplay. We look at it like Oregon Trail – you make a lot of the story up in your head. There's a beginning and an end, but when that Science officer "Ilan Frankel" who has been with your crew since the very start has has a 96 rating gets killed, you're gonna be bummed, and there is really no story we can write to replace that. And the game will import your contact list, so the crewmembers will be your brothers, sisters, coworkers etc. They don't die of dysentery – they get their skin melted off by a Vivorian Spec Mule. Post that on facebook.

Build and Manage your Spaceship in Star Command (Danke Michael!)