Der Kritzler: 2D Window-Drawing-Machine

(Vimeo Direktkritzel, via Make)

Alexander Weber hat sich für sein Büro in Hamburg eine Zeichenmaschine gebastelt, die ihm die Fenster vollmalt. Das Ding liest erstmal ein SVG-File aus, dass dann an den Kritzler geschickt wird, programmiert hat er das alles in Processing, auf seinem Blog steht ziemlich genau, wie er das gemacht hat. Toll!

I used Processing for implementing the host software. Processing was the first choice because it is primarily targeted for graphics programming and plays well with Arduino. Any other software that could talk to the serial port would work here as well.

The host software falls into two parts. The first part is for reading an SVG file and sending it to the machine. It starts with loading the first SVG file from a directory if there is one. Then you could still scale, mirror and move the shape on your canvas. If everything fits, the drawing is sent to the Kritzler, one instruction after another.