First 3D-rendered Film

(Vimeo Direkt3D, via Cartoon Brew)

Robby Ingebretsen hat vor ein paar Monaten den ersten (?) 3D-gerenderten Film aus dem Jahr 1972 bei Vimeo hochgeladen. Das Ding stammt von Ed Catmull (Gründer von Pixar) und Fred Parke.

The best part of this film is not even the 3D rendering itself, but the outtakes and “making of” footage that has been interwoven throughout, including footage of a plaster replica of Ed’s hand onto which he is meticulously mapping the polygon vertices that make up the three dimensional model (around 1:30). That’s really remarkable. The math that we take for granted for rendering 3D was being invented, real time, to create this video. (Ed’s credited for having working out that math to handle things like texture mapping, 3D anti-aliasing and z-buffering.)

First Digital 3D Rendered Film (from 1972) and my Visit to Pixar