Spam Lipgloss

24.08.2011 Fun Misc #Spam

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Spam Lipgloss, der nach Fleisch schmeckt. Mmmmmmmm…

Rubbing meat on your face is a good way to get noticed, but probably for all the wrong reasons. But what if you do it because you really want to taste meat, but not eat it? Well, grab yourself some SPAM Lip Glaze and you can rub the flavor of meat on your lips without getting weird stares from bacon hanging from your cheeks.

SPAM Lip Glaze makes your lips happy. It protects them from the stresses of life a bit (hey, it's got some Aloe in there) and tastes like meat. Heck, it could possibly even be used as a diet aid (wear the taste of meat instead of eating it).

SPAM Lip Glaze (via Gizmo)