Genome of Marijuana Sequenced and Published

Wissenschaftler haben die Gensequenz von Shit analysiert und veröffentlicht. Ab jetzt wird alles gut.

A Netherlands-based company called Medicinal Genomics has just announced the successful genetic sequencing of Cannabis sativa, the highly regulated annual plant that has been widely consumed for centuries as an intoxicant and a medicine. The plant, known in the vernacular as grass, tea, or mooster, has been legalized in 16 U.S. states for use as a medical treatment for various disorders over the last decade, and according to Medicinal Genomics' Kevin McKernan, the legal market for the substance is currently growing by 50 percent every year.

Genome of Marijuana Sequenced and Published, Original-Meldung auf Weed sequenced. No really - weed. - August 18, 2011